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Why FSI Wealth Management

FSI Wealth Management has been assisting successful professionals and retirees with advanced wealth planning services since 1995.

Located in San Diego, FSI Wealth Management works with southern California residents as they seek to invest, save and plan for the future.

Our team of highly credentialed fiduciary advisors is dedicated to providing advice and services that are transparent and objective. Through asset allocation, tax efficient planning and risk management strategies, our seamless financial planning solutions are designed to support you on every step of your wealth and retirement planning journey.

Our comprehensive wealth management firm specializes in working with aerospace and defense employees and retirees from San Diego based companies that include Raytheon, Hughes, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Qualcomm, NASSCO and Lockheed Martin. With advanced insight into each of these organizations, FSI Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to support our clients as they navigate their retirement, stock and pension fund options and insurance needs.

In order to provide top-tier personalized service and highly impactful wealth management solutions, our firm partners with a select number of high-net worth professionals and retirees. One of the leading independent wealth management firms in the San Diego area, our team has been entrusted with the management of over $150 million in assets.

Who We Are

At FSI Wealth Management, our team of highly credentialed professional advisors are fiercely focused on helping you and your family reach your short- and long-term financial goals. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, wealth managers, and support staff are unwavering in their commitment to provide outstanding service to the individuals and families who place their trust in FSI Wealth Management each and every day.

Established in 1995, our holistic financial planning firm emphasizes the importance of building well-established relationships with our clients that are rooted in trust, respect and longevity. At FSI Wealth Management, you are more than a series of numbers on a bank statement. You are a person with hopes, dreams, fears, concerns and questions. Each member of our team is firmly committed to learning your story and helping you achieve your personal and financial dreams - whatever they may be.

As a wealth management firm, we understand that long-term financial goals require long-term, highly intuitive strategies. Our team fosters an environment that encourages trust-based relationships with our clients that last, on average, more than a decade. By truly listening to the needs of every person who walks through our doors, we are able to provide authentic financial solutions that instill peace of mind and confidence.

To learn about how FSI Wealth Management can help you with your financial planning needs, call our office today at (619) 681-1911 to schedule a consultation.