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Advanced Wealth Planning

Advanced Wealth Planning is our approach to creating a comprehensive financial strategy that addresses your most essential values, goals, and vision. Beginning with taking the time to explore these aspects of your financial personality, we'll strive to gain a deep understanding of your primary objectives. Based on that knowledge, we'll develop a set of custom-tailored, tax-efficient strategies and solutions that are designed to meet your specific goals. Our detailed approach leverages the legal, tax, and regulatory systems to provide the most appropriate combination of these valuable services:

Wealth Enhancement

With any investment portfolio, the ultimate goal is to produce the best possible returns, and to protect those returns using the most tax-efficient strategies available. Our Portfolio Management process focuses on making investment selections and decisions aimed at achieving your personal goals. Your investment mix is key to balancing risk and ensuring your long-term success. Our team will work closely with you to match your investments to your financial goals and balance risk according to your specified goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon—all while working to maximize your long-term return. Once your portfolio is put into action, we take an active role on monitoring performance, recommending adjustments as needed to protect your investments.

Wealth Protection

Protecting your wealth through appropriate risk management strategies is a vital component of your overall wealth plan. While every situation is different, we can recommend valuable strategies for helping to maintain your assets in the event of an early death, disability, and the need for long term care, all of which have the potential to deplete an otherwise healthy nest egg. Our team will work with you to identify the risk solutions that are most suited to your time horizon, level of assets, and family situation.

Wealth Transfer & Legacy

A carefully designed estate expresses love for family and ensures your family legacy. At FSI Wealth Management, we'll work with you to identify your core values, beliefs, and the legacy you want to achieve—personally, and for your family and community. Using our highly individualized process, we'll help design, coordinate, and implement an effective estate plan, and regularly monitor that plan to ensure it stays on track to meet your goals.

Retirement planning

Careful retirement planning includes aligning your available resources with your personal definition of "retirement.” Because everyone's goals are different, we work with every client individually to build a retirement plan and integrated investment strategy designed to meet your personal needs and life goals. If you're transitioning into retirement, we'll work closely with you to make this life transition as smooth as possible, talking you through your options and taking the mystery out of the planning process to help you understand the pros and cons of each choice to help you make the best decisions for you. From retirement distribution and cash-flow planning to risk management and asset protection, we'll help you plan effectively to reduce financial stress and enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.