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Wealth Planning Process

At FSI Wealth Management, our process is designed to build and support strong relationships based on trust. As your trusted advisors, we'll take the time to get to know you on a highly personal level, guiding you through the many decisions that influence your ability to realize your vision—today and far into the future. Working with a single, dedicated advisor, you'll have access to the wide array of knowledge and expertise of our entire team, and the benefits of our detailed process based on three core concepts:

  1. We use a consultative approach to fully understand each client’s challenges and to establish a close working relationship.
  2. We consult with specialists from our team of experts to prioritize each client’s financial challenges in order of importance and impact.
  3. We customize solutions to fit each challenge, working closely with every client throughout the course of our relationship.

The Discovery Meeting

Beginning with our initial meeting, we will walk through a detailed discovery interview where we'll explore your current financial situation, as well as the values, priorities and goals that impact your overall planning process. The interview will help us determine where you are, where you want to go, and how we can maximize the probability of getting you there.

The Investment Plan Meeting

Based on our analysis of what we learned at the discovery meeting, we will present a complete diagnostic of your current situation, including providing a graphical representation to help you visualize the impact of your plan and helps identify your most appropriate level of risk and the best solutions to address your needs. We'll provide recommendations for how we can leverage your current assets to bridge any gaps between where you are today and where you need to be to achieve your goals. The resulting investment plan will serve as the foundation for your entire wealth management plan. And while you may be eager to implement your plan immediately, our process includes sufficient time for you to thoroughly review and consider our recommendations. Our goal is to build a lifelong, trusted relationship, and we want to be sure you are completely comfortable with our approach, our recommendations, and every step of our process.

The Mutual Commitment Meeting

Once you've had time to review our recommended plan, we'll meet to answer any questions you may have and decide if working together will give you the guidance you're seeking and deliver true, meaningful value for you and your family. If we agree to move forward, we'll formally commit to our working relationship, executing the contacts and documents necessary to put your plan into action.

Wealth Management Team Meeting

To get your plan moving as quickly and effectively as possible, you'll meet separately with our team of wealth management experts to prioritize the next steps in your wealth management plan. This core team consists of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), attorney, and other professionals needed to address your specific needs. The result is a comprehensive wealth management plan designed to address your financial challenges in order of urgency and potential for positive impact and, ultimately, to help you realize your financial goals.

The 45-day Follow Up Meeting

Managing your wealth is a continuous process that demands regular review and adjustments to ensure it continues working toward your goals. 45 days after putting your initial plan into place, we'll meet to review where your plan stands today and help you organize a wealth planning notebook that includes all of your account paperwork for easy reference in the future. And to be sure you understand how we're handling your money and the logic behind our recommendations, we'll talk through any questions you may have.

Regular Process Meetings

Based on a schedule convenient to you, we'll meet regularly to complete a detailed review of your plan, analyzing your overall progress, adjusting for any life changes that may impact your goals, and helping ensure that you're on the best path toward your long-term financial goals. At each meeting, we'll follow a road map for each area of your financial life that includes scenario planning, presentation of current recommendations, plan implementation, reporting, and follow-up.