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So Much Is Unknown

| May 01, 2020

So much is unknown.

Do we reopen or wait?

Are we past the peak? Or just over the first summit of a mountain range?

Are we safe yet?

After weeks of restrictions, it’s easy to feel that we’re swirling in a maelstrom of uncertainty, helpless to make decisions when so much remains unknown and out of our control.

I think that’s normal. We've traded a trip on the highway for an off-roading adventure. And we don’t know where it's going to take us this year. 

So let’s lean into the uncertainty. Let’s embrace it and use it to explore and appreciate what really matters.

Our health. Our family, friends, and loved ones. Our home. Our community. Our compassion and creativity. Our resilience as human beings.

As for us, we have some moments of frustration (with so much short term uncertainty in the markets), but we're staying grounded by trying to focus on what matters most. Looking deep and beyond the short term ups and downs. History shows we always bounce back!  

Working on gratitude and enjoying simple things like having everyone together for family dinners, movies and or just talking helps keep us grounded. Someone on social media wrote: "home isolation has it's ups and downs. One day you're flying high and cleaning the baseboards with a q-tip, and the next day you're drinking tequilla and watching squirrels out the window. There's no in between."-Unknown.

Just being grateful to have a wonderful family, close loving friends and meaningful work really makes a big difference. Some might argue that's what being rich looks like. 

We said before and we'll say it AGAIN, we are grateful to have you.

On the professional side, we're focused on what we can control on our clients' behalf and staying abreast of what might come next. Our mantra right now is: "one day at a time."

How are you? We'd love to hear how you are coping. What lessons are you learning about yourself? What have you had the courage to try for the first time? Let us know. 

Be well,

The Team At FSI Wealth